All about Water

Our swimming pool products can be categorized into 3 different areas that revolve around the theme of water.

• Swimming Pool
• Spa & Hot Tub
• Water Fountain & Feature

Swimming Pool

Swimming is without doubt some of the most popular leisure activities, whether at hotel, at home, or simply for relaxation. The concept of “Wellness” has created a new trend; wellness enthusiasts are people who have made a conscious decision to stay fit and active with the aim of achieving/maintaining good health and a general feeling of well-being and attaining harmony of body, mind and soul.

It is important to maintain the water in a safe and pleasant condition for swimming. Our swimming pool products can give you:

• Water free of pathogenic (harmful) bacteria
• Water free of algae
• Water is neither toxic nor irritating to swimmers
• Prevention of scale formation, corrosion and undesirable smells or taste.

Spa & Hot Tub

Nothing feels quite as good as easing yourself into a nice warm spa and letting the bubbles work their magic. Spas reduce stress levels, soothe sore muscles and improve circulation.

Spa maintenance is important and easy. Our spa products will give you:

• Sparkling clear water that feels comfortable
• Enjoyment of your spa all year round
• Protection from bacteria
• Prevention of spa surface staining
• Prevention of scale

Water Fountain & Features

It is essential to maintain the water in the fountain clean, free of algae and sparkling clear with our fountain chemicals.

It is important to use fountain chemicals regularly, as it can defer the maintenance thus save your time.